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Summer is near

Summer is near, so itís a good time to look at some of the ways that you can help develop language skills while you are in England. There are times that testing your knowledge, the way you say words and use them, can prove a little scary, but some of our ideas might help you.

When visiting a foreign country, the locals are always impressed when you try to speak the native language. Itís a respectful, friendly thing to do, it shows you would like to fit in, and sometimes the person you are speaking to may even offer to help you extend your vocabulary and teach you some new words and phrases.

Whilst abroad enjoying your holiday you will be improving your skills without even noticing. Youíll learn more vocabulary by talking with your host family and your new friends, reading magazines, maybe talking about food and traditions in your country. Instead of worrying about the way words are spelt, this is your chance to listen to the way English really sounds; you can even use your phone to record a native conversation! It doesnít matter if you make a few mistakes; this is the most basic and possibly most effective way to learn. Your self-confidence will grow the more you get right.

Take part in one of our Summer courses, learning, experiencing and improving on your language skills. Even on a short course of a week or two at Purley Language College, we know that you can improve a lot, when fully immersed in a new language.

We know because we test students at the beginning and end of their course and are amazed how much they can improve their speaking skills - how fast you can learn

During your stay on our Summer courses there are plenty of opportunities to try what youíve learned, maybe one of the trips into the city of London, a punt along the river in historic Cambridge, or even cast a spell at the exciting Harry Potter Studios!

These courses are extremely popular with our students, the mix of lessons and trips being a great way to improve your understanding of the English language quickly Ė see our website for more information on holiday courses. Taking part in our social activities will also help you meet new friends and have fun whilst learning.

So, whatever you decide to do this summer, you can find plenty of opportunities to improve the way you use what youíve learnt. Let the College help you find the right way to spend your time. Youíll know already that practice makes perfect, so give it a try. Who knows, you might surprise yourself!

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