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Why you should learn English in England

English, one of the most widely spoken and taught languages in the world, opens up a huge number of possibilities to students looking to broaden their lingual capabilities.

Opinion is divided upon the best technique to learn English; whether to stay in oneís own country and stick to a curriculum created by educational bodies, or maybe even to use one of the online syllabusí available and teach oneself. A tried and tested method is to learn in the home of the mother tongue, England, and thatís why, every year, many students arrive to attend classes at the Purley Language School.

So what are the advantages? Well...

1.By living in England, the student will hear the language spoken every day. With easy access to native speakers, their grammar and vocabulary canít help but expand.

2.The students listening skills will improve. Listening to the language spoken with different dialects and accents, and listening to native speakers speaking words with different inflections, and emphasising words in variable manners, can really help increase their knowledge, and help speak with a freer, more relaxed style.

3. The vocabulary read in text books and taught in schools can be just part of what is spoken in day to day conversations. Colloquialisms, slang, metaphors, similes are all part of our spoken word, some of which will confuse the visitor or tourist. By hearing these used in context, the student can get to grips with what a modern day interaction in English is really like.

4. England, and London in particular, is a multi cultural society, made up of people from hugely varying backgrounds. Its inhabitants are hugely tolerant of people trying to speak their language and will invariably help and encourage students where they can.

So the environment in which the language is studied can influence the speed in which it is understood and employed. So where best can these advantages be seen?

Well, firstly there is the ďHomestayĒ approach. A family, vetted by the college, takes in a student to live with them. In the home there are all sorts of different conversations; work, school, food, lifestyle, leisure, all covered in a friendly environment. The family members can help with pointers and practising, and the student can try out phrases and words they may have learnt during the day.

A great alternative is a residency at facilities managed by the college, in this case, just a few steps away! Here, students can get together, exchange experiences, ideas and study techniques, and make new friends in the process. The close proximity of the college means travel is easy and help is close to hand if required.

Purley Language College recognises that learning a new language is an exciting experience, and want to help all our students make the most of the time they spend here.

Why not book your course at the college today?

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